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Ms Fangirl's Bitchin' Gallery!


Disclaimer: this gif/jpeg is not mine!

11:29: Cold opening with Prez Obama (the great Pharaoh) speaks on the dreaded TSA, budget cuts, the Mexican/American border dilemma and the Village People.

11:35: Hart monologues in his killing NYC touring jokes including a sandwich, a white guy and a homeless guy.

11:46: Steve Harvey (Kenan) and his mustache was slipping down to death during sleeping. Also, he takes about pho-bia on horses.

11:54: Somewhere at the Vatican, as the folks finally chosen to be the new pope-y of the 21st century…

The mumbling Wolf Blitzer (Sudsy): I don’t think anyone is coming!

11:58: Starbucks’ Barista commercial repeats.

12:00: First there was McDonalds, now it’s Barnes and Nobles on firing. And two a-holes (Bobby and Cecily) assumed their first in line and proceed to callous to their co-workers for being a bunch of lame asses, like this dude…


Or even this one…

And at 12:05 as Hart almost breaking outta control!

12:09: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performs Thrift Shop.

12:16: Weekend Update with Sex Meyers topics on Pope Benedict’s resignation and his bad hair day.

Kim Jong-Un (Bobby) in his Macklemore hairdo!

Plus, Really with Seth and Kevin on racism!

And a bitchy vengeful dog shoots his master!

12:28: Djesus, it’s The Walking Dead! And it’s less scarier and more funnier thanks to Killy’s Nic Cage voice imitating Andrew Lincoln’s Rick and Hart as the Walker with an attitude.

Is it me or this skit sounds a SUPER racist?

12:35: I fucking hated and awfully sick of those reality TV especially THIS dreaded The Apprentice copycat…Shark Tank.


12:39: Is it a A-shirt, B-shirt, C-shirt…..? No, it’s a Z-shirt!

12:41: Dante (Hart), the announcer of Dove© chocolate commercial so savagely and hellish like a gangsta on steroids. And it’s keeps getting harder and harder.

“That rich, smooth as hell Dove© chocolate. I`d bring the whole goddamn bag.”

Someday this commercial will debuted for the upcoming Super Bowl or the World Series event.

12:47: M and RL performs Can’t Hold Us.

12:53: The Z-shirt dude is back, and this time he’s crashing at Tim’s moms’ funeral.

12:56: Poor, poor Mr. Summer of the 360 News- he’ll never swiftly turns his neck in front of the camera for the rest of his god forsaking and eternal life, again!

Tim Robinson kills the whole show for the first time.

But Don Pardo, the man behind the legendary voice of SNL is on MIA’d.



Next week, boys and girls…it’s Justin Timberlake in his forth host/musical host next week!


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